Romantic dreams with The sound of jazz, La la land is fantastic.

Ansa / Leading news agency / Alessandra Magliaro

Excellent directing, extraordinary music, an authentic reflection on The musical.

ANSA web / Laeading news agency portal / Nicola Roumeliotis

Visually stunning and blessed by extraordinary performances by Stone and Gosling, is a passionate hommage to the Hollywood golden age, filled with bittersweet nostalgia but at the same time fully contemporary. Also: very funny!

FilmTv / Leading weekly Movie magazine / Alice Cucchetti

Amazing from venice right to the oscar!

Tv2000 / Satellite news program / Fabio Falzone

Confused but exciting, great performance by Gosling, good by Stone, the rebirth of musical at the time of precariety.

Rivista del cinematografo / Major monthly movie magazine / Federico Pontigia

So so so damn beautiful! – saw it twice in less than 12 hours at Venice Film Festival…
Chazelle gets the perfect combo between the classical Hollywood musical and a contemporary romance. Stone and Gosling are amazing, greatest chemistry ever. Cried all my tears (twice!)

Donna moderna / Major weekly female magazine / Mattia Carzaniga

After the magnificient jazz thriller Whiplash Damien Chazelle gets the audience stuck with a fresh and deep movie about the correlation between dreams and reality, the bonds between life and work, our desperate research to find the way to live a full life. Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar.

Io donna / National Leading female magazine / Stefania Ulivi

I just loved it! So moving!

La Stampa / Major national daily / Fulvia Caprara

Wonderful movie, It moved me and made me cry

Ciak / Leading monthly movie magazine / Alessandra De Luca

A great movie with a great directing!

Il Fatto Quotidiano / Major national daily / Anna Maria Pasetti

Wonderful, I loved it, music and coreography are stunning

Radio Monte Carlo / Radio network and Biennale Offical radio / Pierpaolo La Rosa

A romantinc picture and an emotional journey that captures people’s heart. The final part reminded me of Sliding doors.

F / weekly female magazine / Alessandra De Tommasi

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